AK47 by Chris X (Illustrated PDF Book)


Three friends suddenly find themselves in the middle of a drug war.

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AK47 is a cautionary tale about what happens when you live in the fringes of society. My story follows a group of teenagers who just graduated highschool. They’re not really sure what to do with their lives and get stuck in a sort of limbo, partying and working on music. Three of them end up selling drugs, it goes pretty well at first. They’re excited to be making tons of money, finally able to afford nice things and their own house. But of course, this only lasts for a short time. Suddenly, they find themselves in the middle of a drug war between their boss and the mob.It’s written to be a fun experience which starts off slow and quickly ramps up until they’re having an all out war on the streets of Chicago. This book is for people interested in music, graffiti, and just general trouble making. It’s also for film enthusiasts, there are two celebrity cameos, several nods to classic movies, and dozens of “easter eggs.” I think this book is important right now because it is the culmination of the last twenty years of American Culture. The last story of an age before Corona. About growing up in a society of excess, fame, bars, and parties. It’s a brief escape from the world around us and a nostalgic look back at 1990 – 2020.-Chris X



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